Thursday, February 24, 2022

One CGIAR to hold in-country consultation workshops to help transform food systems in the ASEAN region

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The workshop series seeks to identify the research for development needs and priorities of each ASEAN member state’s agri- and aquatic-food systems to help design a cross-ASEAN research for development program

In March 2022, One CGIAR will hold a series of virtual consultation workshops across Southeast Asia and begin to co-design and co-create an ASEAN-One CGIAR research for development program which addresses national needs and priorities in the food sector.

Southeast Asia is a diverse region that is home to rich natural resources with vulnerable land- and waterscapes. However, the region also faces challenges including climate change, resource degradation, rapid urbanization, undernourishment, and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The workshop series will commence on 1 March 2022 as representatives from government agencies, academia and other research institutions, non-government organizations, private sector and farmer groups in Lao PDR will collaborate to share their insights to help formulate a cross-ASEAN research for development program.

This will be followed by workshop sessions to be conducted with the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Meetings will also be held at official level in Singapore, and in Brunei.

The workshops will cover nine thematic areas that seek to address various challenges that the region faces. These thematic areas include:
  1. Policy, market integration, and trade  
  2. Harnessing use of local agricultural biodiversity  
  3. Nourishing ASEAN megacities and peri-urban areas  
  4. Youth and women entrepreneurship and technology 
  5. Climate-smart agriculture and aquaculture 
  6. Mechanization and modernization of agriculture  
  7. Climate change and green recovery 
  8. Strengthening cooperation through institutions  
  9. Germplasm exchange and evaluation network for crops, livestock, and fisheries for regional safety 
Information gathered during these consultations will be used to develop a comprehensive proposal for a One CGIAR-ASEAN regional research for development program which will be shared, in due course, with ASEAN Ministers. This program will help in developing a shared vision of future food systems for the region.


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