Wednesday, October 23, 2019

IRRI- GrainPro Rice Quality Test Kit that evaluates paddy and seed quality is now commercially available

Rice quality is an important consideration for its consumers. To effectively market their harvested rice, producers and processors must have the ability to assess if the quality is of high standards and meets the demand of the market.

Originally developed as a training tool by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) postharvest experts, the IRRI Grain Quality Kit is being used by rice processors and producers to gain a better understanding of the desirable rice quality traits and the factors that affect them. These would help them identify problems in advance and make necessary adjustments to minimize quality loss along the rice value chain.

Recently, the demand for IRRI Grain Quality Kit drastically increased. This led to another fruitful collaboration with GrainPro Inc. which aims to ensure the availability of IRRI Grain Quality Kit globally.

The IRRI Grain Quality Kit is now marketed as IRRI-GrainPro Rice Quality Kit. It is comprised of the crucial tools that will help assess the physical quality of rice which is important in assessing the quality of paddy, brown rice, and seeds during harvesting or post-harvest handling. According to the GrainPro website, the kit contains a grain moisture meter, palm husker, infrared thermometer with hygrometer, graduated cylinder, caliper, indented sheet grader, magnifier, mini –scale, EMC table, and a psychrometric chart.

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