Friday, June 14, 2019

Dr. Abdelbagi Ismail receives prestigious Fellowship of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

5 June 2019, Delhi, India - Dr. Abdelbagi Ismail, Principal Scientist and IRRI Representative in Africa was presented the prestigious Fellowship of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, India as a foreign fellow. The honour is effective January of 2019 and was conferred to Dr. Ismail in a formal ceremony chaired by Dr. Panjab Singh, President of the academy.

The fellowship was bestowed to Dr. Ismail in recognition of his outstanding contributions to enhancing understanding for the bases of tolerance of several abiotic stresses, which includes tolerance of drought, cold, and heat stresses in dry-land crops, as well as for salinity and different types of flooding stresses in rice. He also contributed to developing phenotyping tools, markers, and varieties which generated significant impacts in South and Southeast Asia, and in Sub-Saharan Africa.

His work on characterisation of SUB1, its subsequent introgression into new varieties, and their deployment to farmers are valuable contributions made by Dr. Ismail to agricultural science.
“I am honoured by this prestigious award and recognition as Foreign Fellow of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences. I look forward to support the academy in its noble role as the think tank for global food and nutrition security and for the prosperity of farmers in India and abroad, especially in Africa," said Dr. Ismail.

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