Monday, April 15, 2019

IRRI hosts 13th Pan-Asia Farmers Exchange delegates

48 delegates from ten countries across Asia recently visited the International Rice Research headquarters to learn about the institute's agricultural biotechnology initiatives and biosafety protocols. The study visit formed part of the itinerary of the 13th Pan-Asia Farmers Exchange program, an annual knowledge exchange platform organized by Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines, Croplife Philippines, and Croplife Asia for farmers, policymakers, journalists, and other key stakeholders engaged in agriculture.

The Healthier Rice Program provided updates on the beta-carotene biofortified Golden Rice, currently under regulatory review in the Philippines, and high iron and zinc rice (HIZR) which is in early stages of research and development. Best practices and challenges in communicating a biotechnology product were also shared with delegates, who also visited IRRI facilities and laboratories related to biotechnology research.

IRRI and its national partners aim to develop and deploy biofortified healthier rice varieties as a complementary approach to Vitamin A, iron, and zinc deficiencies in the Philippines and Bangladesh. Healthier Rice research at IRRI is conducted in accordance with national and international biosafety stewardship standards, including the Excellence through Stewardship global audit process.

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