Thursday, May 25, 2017

Restructured Biometrics courses to boost use of statistics in breeding trials

IRRI Biometrics has re-designed  its course on Design and Analysis of Breeding Trials (DABT). The new DABT includes a one-day stand-alone session on the use of statistical design and analysis under different environmental and technical challenges.

Interested parties can opt to attend only the new session, Leveraging statistical design and analysis to enhance breeding trials, which serves as the the first session of the DABT. It aims to spread awareness of maximizing the use of statistical design and analysis to obtain more and even better quality information from breeding trials in spite of environmental and technical challenges. The rest of the newly structured course features more detailed lectures and group discussions.

The course was attended by 40 scholars, nationally-resourced staff, postdoctoral fellows,  and globally resourced staff from IRRI  and 7 participants from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The participants learned to design experiments and analyze data from single or multiple environments, including biplot analysis, by means of the user-friendly software Plant Breeding Tools (PBTools).  Twenty-eight participants, 21 from IRRI HQ, attended the full DABT course.

The training was conducted by Dr. Jessica Elaine Rutkoski, Alaine Gulles, and Rose Imee Zhella Morantte at the Network Commons Room (formerly IRRI Library) on 9 - 12 May.

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