Thursday, February 18, 2016

SINoP starts the year with heartfelt activities

The Society of IRRI Non-research Professionals (SINoP) celebrated the traditional start of the Holy Week, a shared birthday party for its members, a fun day with orphans, and welcomed this year’s officers.

On 10 February, the organization sponsored the Ash Wednesday Mass at IRRI. Ash Wednesday is one of the most popular and important holy days in the liturgical calendar. The mass has become an annual offering of SINoP to the IRRI community.

On 11 February, SINoP held a 3-in-1 event which included the induction of its the new set of officers and members, a joint birthday get-together for members who celebrated their birthdays within January to March, and a day with the children of Pinagpala Orphanage House. The orphanage is one of the beneficiaries of SINoP’s fund-raising drive through the years. Other beneficiaries of the organization, including SINoP scholars, also joined the celebration.

Ms Jomi Cruz, HRS talent management and advisory services, helped welcomed SINoP's  new members.

The program started with a special number from the children of Pinagpala. Singing, food, and raffle draws also filled the joyful and heartfelt occasion.

SINoP’s officers for 2016-17 are:
President: Miriam Telosa
Vice Pres: Hiram Gomez
Secretary:  Lea Delos Reyes
Treasurer: Melba Aquino
Auditor: Fernan Artates
PIO:  Gina Zarsadias
Project Director: Betty Carreon

Other Members of the Board of Directors include Janet Lazarte, Gigi Caballero, Achu Arboleda, and Adonna Robles. Mark Gruner, finance comptroller, inducted the new set of board members.

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