Wednesday, August 12, 2015

IRRI Training Center conducts course on rice research to production

IRRI Training Center, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation, Cornell University, and Colorado State University, is currently conducting a three-week course on rice research to production from 10–28 August at IRRI headquarters, Philippines.

The course aims to help the participants understand the basics of rice production through practical activities and field visits. In addition, it also aims to introduce them to rice research through hands-on activities related to breeding, molecular genetics, and genomics. Furthermore, the course aims to gather young rice scientists and to develop international research collaborations in the future.

There are 26 participants from 11 countries, namely Cambodia, Columbia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Sierra Leone, and the United States.

The course is coordinated by Noel P. Magor, head of the Training Center, Hei Leung, principal scientist at the Crop and Environmental Sciences Division, and Jan Leach, professor at Colorado State University. Jason Beebout and Eugenio Castro, Jr. are course co-coordinators.

Rice: Research to Production is an annual course that has been offered for the past 9 years. For more information about this course and for other training opportunities, please visit

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