Wednesday, May 20, 2015

University of Illinois plant geneticist joins the Young Researchers' Lunch

The Young Researchers' Lunch for May hosted Patrick Brown, assistant professor in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois, USA. Dr. Brown works in plant breeding and genetics and his research areas include genotyping-by-sequencing, genetic improvement of sorghum as a bioenergy crop, genetic architecture of complex traits in sorghum, and  phenotypic diversity in maize ears. Dr. Brown is visiting the Philippines as part of a delegation from the University of Illinois.

The group discussed different aspects of genotyping and phenotyping, especially the challenges of ozone research and how it might be applied to other stresses, and the differences in genotyping strategies between rice and other crops such as maize and sorghum.

Maricel Corpuz,  Anshuman Singh, Kimberly Ponce, Nitika Sandhu, Erwin Tandayu, and Christine Jade Dilla-Ermita participated in the event.

The Young Researchers Lunch is a monthly meeting for NRS and AFSTRI scientists who are in the early stages of their career. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for discussions with senior scientists on a range of topics including science and career paths.

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