Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Philippines: PRiSM team building focuses on working together and moving forward in the same direction

The Philippine Rice Information System (PRiSM) project team members from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) held its team building activity in Tagaytay City on 4-5 February. The activity focused on achieving the project’s vision and mission through productive working relationships by  creating a team structure with clear roles, responsibilities, and linkages within the organization and ensuring that the team members move  towards the same direction. The activity was facilitated by Mr. Phil Merry, a renowned facilitator, coach, and author of Simply Happy: Search for Singapore’s Happiest People.

At the end of the activity, the PRiSM team achieved a better understanding of their direction, roles, and responsibilities; identified and resolved communication constraints and issues; and fostered a stronger relationship between PhilRice and IRRI.

PRiSM is an operational system for monitoring rice. It supports decision making and activity planning for increased rice production in the Philippines, and has nationwide coverage to help improve food security. It also serves as a platform to develop consistent and regular assessments of rice crop production, crop health, and crop losses due to natural calamities such as floods, droughts, and outbreaks of pests and diseases.

Below are some feedback of the participating PRiSM team members after their team building activity:

“For me the team building was successful. Each PRiSM team member from both PhilRice and IRRI learned a lot from the activities. Because of this team building the success rate of the project will increase. I am happy. Thank you to the organizers.”
- Lorena Villano, IRRI

“It was nice to know our roles, and our strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate how the facilitator gave suggestions on how to strengthen our weaknesses. It was also nice to bond as a group and strengthen our partnership.”
- Gerardo Estoy, PhilRice

“I am happy that I got to know myself more. It was a self-realization process. I am also happy to see all the people involved in the PRiSM project.”
- Jean Rochielle Mirandilla, PhilRice

“It was very unique. It was my first time to attend a team building like this one. I find it very helpful. I think all teams, not only in PRiSM, should have team buildings like this.”
- Miguel Abriol, IRRI

“It was engaging, fun, very informative, and what I liked the most is that the people just got so involved. Everyone was enthusiastic and we could see a good team. At the beginning of the event we were a little bit unsure where we are going but at the end of Day 2, everyone was so clear on work, knew what PRiSM meant, and what they should be doing. I feel just incredible optimism.”
- Andy Nelson, IRRI

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