Wednesday, June 4, 2014

IRRI researchers attend workshop on cutting-edge satellite technology vs. rice invaders

Written by Dr. Finbarr Horgan

Twenty IRRI researchers, mainly entomologists and plant pathologist, attended the workshop on Application of Geographic Information Systems for Sustainable Rice for accurate and timely information necessary to develop strategies for managing insect and pest infestation on 26-30 May.

Alex Stuart (CORIGAP-IRRI) and Norbert Hirneisen (Science4you, Germany) discussed Global Positioning System (GPS) and the recording, storing and visualizing of mapping information.

The workshop was an opportunity for many of the participants to gain first-hand experience with projects at geographic and landscape scales. The researchers studied the advantages, disadvantages and accuracy of different GPS devices. Using reference point in physical space from several entomology projects, the researchers honed their skills in downloading and storing information using BaseCamp, and visualizing information with OpenStreetMap, GPS Visualizer, Google Maps and Google Earth. They created distribution and change detection maps using QGIS with attribute data collected from Guayaquil, Ecuador and Laguna, Philippines. Information from Laguna was analyzed using high-resolution optical satellite imaging imagery provided by OLANIS for the Land-use intensity and Ecological Engineering: Assessment Tools for risks and Opportunities in irrigated rice-based production systems (LEGATO) project. Participants were also introduced to the LEGATO GeoServer—an essential resource for landscape-scale research at project sites in the Philippines and Vietnam.

The workshop was organized by the entomology unit of CESD and facilitated by Volker Grescho of OLANIS GmbH of Leipzig, Germany as part of LEGATO project, a German funded project that brings together several collaborating institutes from Germany, the Philippines and Vietnam. The project focuses on landscape approaches to enhancing rice ecosystem services in Asia.  

                 Participants of the workshop – Application of geographic information systems for sustainable rice production – are from left to right: Leo Ocampo, James Villegas, Christophe Dominik, Michael Noel, 
Ethel Banasihan (administrative support), Quynh Vu, Arriza Arida, 
Norbert Hirneisen (Science4you), Carmen Bernal, Maravic Perez, 
Volker Grescho (OLANIS GmbH), Fame Ramal, Alex Stuart, Liberty Almazan, 
Buyung Hadi, Jo Catindig, Amyleen Agbay, Finbarr Horgan, 
Nolan Manalo, Jedeliza Ferrater, Patrick Garcia

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