Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book-reading sessions held for local schools

IRRI ‘s Partnerships Office held storytelling sessions for fourth-grade students of two elementary schools in Bay, Laguna, on 11 February 2014. The activity aims to increase awareness among young children of the important processes involved in rice production.

The children’s book Gabby Ghas was read during the storytelling sessions. The book tells the story of a tiny grain of palay who wanted to know his place in the world. He goes on a journey during which he encountered seedlings, weeds, predatory insects, and pesticide officers who were tasked to protect rice plants from harm. The interactive and lively storytelling was done by Oscar “Kuya Pong” Garcia.

The activity was held through a partnership among IRRI, the Department of Education, and AsiaRice Foundation. The IRRI spouses’ club (SUHAY) supports the storytelling sessions by providing free snacks for the children.

IRRI donated 10 copies each of Gabby Ghas to the libraries of the two schools.

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