Wednesday, December 18, 2013

RMQA-RDM completes its last research data management course for 2013

The Risk Management and Quality Assurance (RMQA) training team finished its last Research Data Management (RDM) 101 course for 2013 on 10–12 December 2013 at the I.T. Learning Center. Ten participants completed the course: one from GQNC, one from HRS, six from PBGB (one from IRRI-India office), and two from GIS-SSD.

The course covered all areas of data management: data management planning; data collection, collection, and pre-analysis; data storage and backup; and, data archival and sharing (with emphasis on metadata and documentation). Ogie Alvarez, ITS senior manager, discussed how users can efficiently and securely back up their research data in the various ITS-managed storage on- and off-campus. The participants were also introduced to IRRI Dataverse, a cloud-based platform for archiving and sharing their research data.

The team, managed by Menchu Bernardo IRRI-RMQA head, includes Icoy Mercado, Dec Arreza, and Jean Sabado.

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