Tuesday, August 27, 2013

India: Government honors breeder’s work for first salt-tolerant Basmati

The government of India, through the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), recognized the contributions of R.K. Singh in the development of the first salt-tolerant Basmati rice variety, Basmati CSR30, in a ceremony held in New Delhi on 16 July 2013.

Dr. Singh is a senior scientist at IRRI’s Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology (PBGB) division. He co-developed Basmati CSR30 with B. Mishra while working with him at the Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI) in Karnal, India, before joining IRRI.
The recognition for ‘outstanding service to his country’ was received by a representative on Dr. Singh’s behalf by Sharad Panwar, Indian minister of agriculture and ICAR president. Dr. Singh was unable to attend the ceremony in person.

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  2. Congratulations! Quality rice that can stand in adverse conditions is gem in rice breeding. =)