Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Indian senior agricultural research official visits IRRI

Arvind Rana Kaushal, additional secretary of India’s Department of Agriculture Research and Education and secretary of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, came to IRRI on 29-30 April 2013 to learn more about IRRI’s work and discuss expansion of the IRRI-India collaboration.

Mr. Kaushal's 2-day visit included touring the Institute's research facilities (ecological intensification site, C4 screenhouse, Grain Quality and Nutrition Center, International Rice Genebank, and STRASA project sites).

Mr. Kaushal was particularly impressed with the International Rice Genebank and Nutrient Manager, about which he said, “I’ve seen similar applications in India, but what impressed me with this application was the simplicity. It presents to a farmer the best amount of inputs he should apply for growing rice in the most optimum manner."

He also acknowledged IRRI as an excellent training facility where students and professionals from India who are engaged in agriculture can benefit from.

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